Orlando Cepeda

During a career that lasted sixteen years, he played with the San Francisco Giants (1958–66), St. Louis Cardinals (1966–68), and the Atlanta Braves (1969–72) among others. Andy speaks with Orlando about baseball in the day.

Martin E. Appel

Marty Appel is an American public relations executive and author. Appel began his tenure with the New York Yankees handling fan mail for Mickey Mantle. Andy talks with him about his book "Munson," a biography on Thurman Munson.

Wendy Hammers

Wendy Hammers is a comedian who performs regularly in Los Angeles, Tahoe, Atlantic City, and Las Vegas. She has performed in over thirty states and "made 'em laugh in at least three." Andy talks with her about comedy and life.

Thomas Rollerson

Andy speaks with Thomas Rollerson about his organization, the Dream Foundation. Founded in Santa Barbara in 1994, it is the first national wish granting organization for adults suffering from life-threatening illnesses.

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