Bark Buckle UP

Bark Buckle UP is the recognized innovative leader and experts in pet travel safety. Bark Buckle UP is touring the USA and Canada promoting awareness for pet safety while traveling. Andy talks with Christina Selter about pet safety.

Max Shapiro

Max Shapiro is the founder and CEO of PeopleConnect. He was the youngest talent scout in the history of the NBA, serving as Chief Scout for the Phoenix Suns. Andy discusses with him the topic of fantasy camps.

Valerie Haboush

Valerie Haboush calls herself a “freelance marketing communications writer." Over two decades, she has established herself in New York real estate, writing online biographies of brokers. Haboush has been featured on NightLine. Andy speaks with her about her expertise in real estate.

Ronald D. Paul

Ronald D. Paul serves as Chief Executive Officer, President and Treasurer of Eagle Bancorp Inc. since June 2006. He also serves as President of Ronald D. Paul Companies and RDP Management. Andy discusses organ donation and transplants with Ronald.

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